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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Cashback scheme?

2. Why do emails sent to me not arrive?

3. What is an E-Check?

4. What are my Payment options?

5. What are shipping times?

6. What are the shipping costs?

7. Is it safe to send you my E-Check details?

8. Can I pay by postal?

9. Can I place an order by phone?

10. Are the cigarettes sold at cheap-smokes first choice?

11. What is your delivery process after placing an order?

12. What if I have ordered and still have not received the goods?

13. What if I ordered six cartons and received only three?

14. Do you send the ordered pack by courier services (e.g. DHL)?

15. Do you sell cigarette brands other than those on your website?

16. Can I resell cigarettes offered by you?

17. Why are the prices of your cigarettes so competitive?

18. Are your cigarettes cheaper than ones sold duty free in airports

19. Can I buy cigarettes by international mail?

20. Can cigarettes by mail be sold without import stamps?

21. What is a "bonded warehouse"?

22. Can BONDED WAREHOUSE consider a form of DUTY-FREE sales?

23. Do BONDED WAREHOUSE products have more competitive prices?

24. Are imported cigarettes always subject to duty taxes?

25. Are imported cigarettes subjected to duty taxes in the USA?

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